Donut Run Schedule – 8/31/19

Here is tomorrow’s Donut Run Schedule:

7:30 am…..Locker rooms open

7:50 am…..All runners should be at East, dressed in meet uniforms and meet sweats. Bring your Donut Run costumes in your backpacks! WE WILL MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT IN THE FRESHMAN (EAST) GYM. WE WILL LET YOUR KNOW WHERE PICTURES WILL BE, EITHER IN THE FRESHMAN GYM OR BY THE POND.

8:00am….Individual and team pictures are taken.

8:40 am…..Team dismissed to change and warmup for Donut Run

9:00am…..All Donut Run teams should be on the starting line for introductions

9:15am…..Donut Run

9:40 am…..Fun run mile or ¼ mile for parents, fans, grand-kids, and anyone who likes to run

10:00 am…..Results and awards at Coach Bo’s truck

10:30 am…..Donuts food and fun….runners are dismissed after helping coaches take down course.